About Us.

Our Story

We’re new to the halal food industry. Our story began in April 2021. Back then two old friends met up over a cup of coffee and the subject of Dim Sum somehow was brought up. As both are Dim Sum enthusiasts with one of them being more exposed to this delicacy whilst the other’s love for it was marred by the limited choices and availability of halal Dim Sum in the market. Coincidentally they met a Dim Sum manufacturer from Johor who is on a lookout for a marketing arm / sole distributor to promote and market its new brand “Dim Sum Mak-ku” in Malaysia.

The rest is history and thus Joha Sinar Sdn. Bhd. began its journey in the halal food industry for something we love - Dim Sum.


Our Mission

Our purpose is simple : “Together we grow passionately”

Everyday we go to work hoping to do two things – share our goals with our friends and grow together.

That’s what our company runs on.

Our Dim Sum

We’ve always believed in serving the finest Dim Sum possible.  It’s our goal for our Dim Sum to be made with ingredients/seasonings under the highest standards of quality.  Hence we worked very closely with our team of experienced chefs to ensure high standards of quality control and utmost hygienic environment to produce Dim Sum of  premium quality to be served to all Malaysians.

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