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Authentic Halal Dim Sum

We use fresh ingredients to make the dim sum!

One of the joys of Dim Sum is having a wide variety of choices from fluffy steamed buns filled with minced barbecue meat in sticky sweet glaze or yellow skinned dumplings with finely ground mix of meat, shrimp, water chestnuts, mushrooms and garnished with crab roe. Dim Sum Mak-ku strives to recreate the traditional Dim Sum with a modern twist using only HALAL ingredients like premium chicken thigh meats, shrimps, vegetables and quality seasonings to dazzle the taste buds of our Malaysian customers thus preserving a common experience that keeps us bound together anytime, anywhere!

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Quality Ingredients, Tasty Dim Sum

Authentic Premium Halal Dimsum

Sole Distributor in Malaysia now recruiting

Stokist & Agent

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* Newly launched products and brand.
* Ample opportunities and avenue to increase income.
* Tiered cashback scheme.
* Online ordering and payment system provided.


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